School website design

School websites can be one of the most important tools a school can invest in, as they are often the first point of contact for members of the community when looking for information about a school. A school website should be professional and functional, yet have a warm and welcoming touch to appeal to people considering where they will send their children for an education.

Print Design Australia understands these important principles of school website design and we build them into every school website we create. Our design team prides itself on creating clean, functional, modern school websites that our clients just love. Browse through the examples we’ve provided to see some of the school websites we’ve already created.

Print Design Australia provides school website design for Victorian clients only. We can work with a school’s existing branding and design elements, or we have an experienced team that can create a new school logo and branding design to go with your new website. Get in touch today to chat about a new school website, or find out about the range of other school printing services we offer.