Customer Spotlight – Mount Waverley Heights

Often we ask our customers the simple question of ‘so what would you like to do?’ and more commonly than not the response is, ‘what are other people doing?’. So with that in mind we’re going to take the opportunity to put a spotlight on of the school printing services that we offer some of our other clients.

Mount Waverley Heights is a Primary School located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. In early 2016 we came into with contact them and started liaising about the potential ways in which to reinvigorate their school brand with a focus on print collateral as the primary medium to achieve that. The process followed a series of briefs, artist concepts and design approvals followed by our very own photographer travelling to the school to capture the individuality and culture that Mount Waverley Heights has to offer.

The photo below features the product array that Mount Waverley Heights thought best fit their intentions and budgetary requirements.  They are as follows.

  • Bookmarks with key term dates for upcoming years.
  • DL Postcards featuring school values and offerings unique to the school.
  • Enrolment/Presentation folders with Matt Laminate and Spot UV on the reverse – The folders aim to be a functional way in which students/parents store critical school information in a folder branded to your liking.
  • Thank You Cards – For the times where a personal touch needs to be added.
  • Business Cards – Important, concise information presented in a functional format. Our Folders come with the option of Business Card slits to make sure parents always take home a copy of their point of contacts details.
  • Fridge Magnets – A useful point of reference for parents when communication is required with the school.

One of the key benefits in the educational printing we offer stems from the ability to control every part of the process. From designing, photography and production we aim to ensure the customer is happy with the direction that they’re branding is heading in and the message being conveyed by their print collateral reflects the core values of the school. Everything featured below has been exclusively manufactured by us with no outsourcing or third party involvement, something we’re very proud to be able to offer!