The Importance of Marketing For Schools

The organisational requirements for schools has far surpassed what used to be expected of them. Increases in budgetary restraints, unknown budget forecasts as well as limited resources in general and increased market competition means schools and other various educational organisations need to change and adapt to their respective environments.

One of our jobs here at Print Design Australia is to communicate to the education sector the necessity to grow and adapt to these market forces. We stress the importance of utilising school marketing and the power of the print medium to achieve consistent communication in a way that sets your organisation apart from the rest.

Our favourite recent example of a client adopting a forward thinking progressive stance to their marketing is St Mary’s School for the Deaf. We were approached by them with the necessity to re-brand their schools image with a focus on communicating their organisations unique message in a clear and consistent way. This was achieved by involving our sales staff as well as our design department to combine the customer requirements into a new school logo and design format that directly reflected the core fundamentals of the school as a way to improve customer perceptions and leverage the power of first impressions.

Product Array

Prospectus – St Mary’s College chose to go with a highly functional presentation folder with a four page internal section dedicated to outlining the services their school has to offer.

Stationery – Brand consistency across all points of contact has been achieved through new Window Face DL and A4 envelopes.

Brochure – St Mary’s have chosen the compact 4 Panel Brochure as a means to communicate their schools image and culture through photographs and accompanying text.

Business Card – Often the first point of contact, the humble business card completes the brand consistency and alignment.


Throughout the process the team at Print Design worked with and adhered to customer briefs when designing all the updated school logo and print elements. Design staff worked with supplied photos that St Mary’s hand picked to reflect their intentions. The entire production process was completed by Print Design staff at our Geelong factory.

Thanks must go out to the staff at St Mary’s College who spearheaded the change in their marketing direction and involved us to bring it to fruition.