Community Involvement – Love Your Sister

It’s been something of a perfect storm for Sam, Connie and the team at Love Your Sister. The Gold Logie win and the inevitable TV publicity that followed meant that their Big Heart Project would be a resounding success.

We’ve been on board with Sam and Connie since before the Australia wide unicycle plan was hatched. We decided we would try to help the LYS team in the best way we could by offering our print design services in as many ways as we possibly could. Fast forward from that point and we’ve done everything for Sam. Notepads, business cards, bookmarks, vinyl stickers, banner printing, brochure publications and stacks of other stuff. We’ve even had him in our factory hand collating the numerous intricate little jobs he likes to throw our way so that his village can keep making a difference in the world.

Dion (Managing Director), Jeff (Director) and I took the long drive to Canberra on Tuesday, May the 12th. We personally delivered a car load of promotional material for the Big Heart project and contributed our presence the following day as Connie, with the help of all of Australia, tried to make the biggest 5 cent coin heart the country had ever seen. The result of the day was exactly that, with over two million dollars in donations and an amazing three hundred thousand dollars in five cent coins filling the Big Heart they had achieved almost two times what they had set out to collect.

The day was inspiring, we chatted to countless people who helped in their own little ways. From graphic designers who helped with stickers and publications┬áto volunteers that endured sleepless nights organising the abundance of merchandise the not for profit organisation has to offer its supporters. In addition to inspiring, the day was also sobering. It was a reminder that whilst what we perceive what we do on a day to day basis is important, it really pales in comparison to the enormity that is cancer and the impact that it has on the broader community. Throughout the day there were countless stories told, by mothers, by sons, by husbands, all recounting the difficulties that they’ve faced due to the impact of cancer.

With that in mind, we’re humbled. To be a part of something with such gravity, a part of something led by two of the most big-hearted people in Australia, it’s something we’re proud of here at Print Design Australia. We’re committed to the cause and with the support of our clients, so too increases the capacity at which we can support Sam, Connie and the team at Love Your Sister.