Product Spotlight – Drop Down Banners

There are many variations of Banner Printing available but very few offer the versatility and reusability that the Drop Down Banner provides.

The Drop Down Banner can be printed in any number of sizes. The only limitations being the width at which we are able to print (1300mm). This flexibility in size means that there are very few applications where the Drop Down Banner doesn’t suit.

Popular applications for the banner includes,

  • School Values
  • Classroom Rules
  • Room Names/Themes
  • House/Homeroom Decorations
  • School Identity Artworks
  • School Culture Initiatives
  • Room Branding
  • Anti Bullying Initiatives
  • Behavioural Expectations
  • Curriculum Specific Content

These uses aren’t exclusive to the Educational Environment. Commercial Use Banners can be utilised for showroom purposes, point of sale, conference displays and much more.

The Banner also provides incredible ease of use since they’re able to be hung from two picture frame hooks or similar style hangers. Because of this we’re seeing many of our clients look to drop down banners as a much more tenable investment due to their long lasting nature as well as their ability to be reused over and over again.

Drop Down Banners also give you a strong point of difference with regards to regular Banner or Poster printing. Because they’re much lighter and don’t require a base or stand their use tends to be a lot more functional and practical. One key strength is that they tend to wear a lot less that traditional posters do due to the way in which they are adhered to a wall. Traditional posters suffer from unsightly blue tac marks or holes due to thumb tacks which can render them unusable after a time. Drop Down banners maintain a stronger visual impact over a longer period of time.

Drop Down Banner

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