School Yearbooks and Publications. Critical Steps To Think About Early.

School Yearbooks and Graduation Books represent some of the best ways your organisation can provide lasting, reflective memories upon your students. They’re valuable, and because of this, they take a lot of effort to get right. Print Design Australia prides itself on its approach to school yearbook printing. We treat your project as a unique and separate publication so as to convey as much of your schools identity and feel through the document.

We are heavily involved in the logo and branding design at a number of schools Australia wide, however, school yearbook printing requires a lot more foresight in order to deliver your students with a publication that they’ll cherish. As such, we recommend getting in touch with Print Design Australia as early as possible so we can start compiling the required information and guiding you on the exact processes required to generate a memorable document.

In the event that your organisation utilises school yearbook printing projects as part of the curriculum then we’re more than happy to help integrate your students designs and layouts into the finished job. Our designers will take a guided approach to your project and will even offer their services throughout the year by consulting with your staff and students to provide a level of education that extends beyond the classroom. In some cases we’ve even been fortunate enough to lead students on a thorough tour of our factory in Victoria which has proved to be a valuable learning experience for all involved. Talk to us today to see if we’re able to integrate this as part of your school marketing and publication projects.

As part of our policy here we make a complete effort to provide our clients with a hard copy, finished proof so that the staff in your organisation can take their time checking and double checking the document prior to the final print run. Over the years we’ve determined that this service is invaluable. School Yearbooks and Publications are incredibly content rich so it’s important to take time to go over everything as thoroughly as possible. In the event that mistakes get made we’ll always go out of our way to make changes and print further books so that your students get the yearbook they deserve.

Critical Steps

1 – Planning.

Think ahead. Figure out the content and start working on a draft early. What important events happen each year? School Trips? Community Days? Sports Days? These are all great pieces of content that can fill your publication.

2 – Photos.

You’ll need plenty of photos so encourage staff members and students to document their school events. Class photos are also critical, digital copies of these can be provided by the company that organises your school photos.

3 – Time

Allowing enough time for the proofing procedure is imperative. Too often we have these documents left to the last minute, and too often do things go wrong. Ensure that student names are correct and photos match. Ensure that the contents flow in the right order and that headings and other important information is spelled correctly.


For a thorough consultation on your school publications and yearbook printing contact us today.