School Open Day Marketing

School open day campaigns remain one of the more prominent ways to engage in a schools prospective enrolments. No alternative gives your school the ability to display and showcase the varying points of difference and advantages that your school has over competing schools in your surrounding region. As such, it’s important to get it right so as to ensure your day stacks up compared to the rest.


It’s important for your school to be able to provide prospective students and parents with the information that they require to make an informed decision. This information can cover everything from relevant information for the open day, any future open days that parents can attend, enrolment information, curriculum information as well as a whole range of other things. Typically this information is conveyed via promotional brochures as well as other school products like flyers and postcards.


In general we see our clients opt for some of the following products to assist them with their open day proceedings. 



We deem at least some of the above products essential for any school so that they can correctly run a professional school marketing campaign that sees prospective enrolments informed through the appropriate print material.


The conversation doesn’t end here however. We’re also able to extrapolate on some of the print related ideas mentioned so as to extend the availability of relevant information to a digital medium. We’re more than happy to create an open discussion in order to assess your needs as an organisation. So call us today and start your conversation!