School Strategic Plans

We’ve previously blogged about the importance of School Marketing which you can find here. What comes before School Marketing? What steps do you need to take in order to ensure that all the right mechanisms are in place so that your marketing impacts your key demographics and surrounding communities.

We find that in most cases, successful campaigns are almost always preceded by strong School Strategic Plans. A lot of our more progressive clients look first to creating a framework that addresses a lot of the key issues present within a working educational organisation.

Examples we commonly see revolve around the following.

  • Successful Learning Campaigns
  • Internal Excellence Programs
  • Curriculum Standards and Pedagogical Frameworks
  • Positive Identity Measures

These dot points represent just a few examples that our core education sector customers use to promote an internal culture of excellence and identity that speaks to all stakeholders involved.

Why does this matter to Print Design? When we deal with a school who has a clear and present message about their own internal goals and deliverables it makes our task so much more defined. We hear a need for public perception and we can respond in kind. We’ll schedule photo shoots, we’ll workshop logos, branding, continuity and message so that marketing products such as school prospectuses, yearbooks and enrolment folders carry with them clear messages with positive brand identities.

When we hear of Successful Learning Campaigns or Internal School Culture Programs we think about the ways in which we can assist school staff to provide graphical elements like drop down banners, posters or reward stickers that contribute to these programs in a tangible and meaningful way.

So where to from here? Talk to us and engage with us about the Strategic Plans that are unique to your school and we’ll align our deliverables with your goals. Start the discussion with us today

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