Prospectus design

In any business, a prospectus can be a valuable tool for telling customers about the business’s activities, whether it be finance information for investors, product and activity information for marketing purposes, or school details for educational institutions. Print Design Australia recognises the importance of a prospectus that serves to outline and illustrate the unique identity that a school offers to its students and wider communities. Our in-house designers endeavour to advise and guide your involvement in the creation of a school prospectus in order to give rise to a product which holds the true identity of your organisation at its core.

Our experienced graphic design team can take care of your business prospectus design, working closely with clients to create a product that will deliver your message in an eye-catching, informative and professional fashion. We can work the designs around current branding or you can use our team’s skills to re-design your businesses logo and branding¬†and incorporate that into your prospectus design.

Prospectus printing

High-quality printing is the result with every product we produce, while we also offer a range of print finishes to ensure all the prospectuses we create are unique to every client. At Print Design Australia we also offer prospectus printing for pre-designed projects, if the project is supplied to us with ready-to-print files.

Make sure you get in touch with Print Design Australia for more information about prospectus printing, or take a look at the examples of prospectuses we have on display. You should also browse our website further to see the other commercial printing services we offer.

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