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At Print Design our goal is to help your school find its fit in amongst the communities that surround your organisation. We want to simplify the idea of School Marketing by working alongside you to workshop and develop an identity and a brand that achieves this.

In just one short conversation we’ll cover off some of the basics of school marketing. We’ll look at the defining characteristics of your school and how these might contribute to creating a strong and impactful brand for your core markets. We’ll then look towards capturing this information so as to create a direction and a vision that will resonate with your surrounding communities.

We’re committed to your brand, and we’ll take every effort to ensure that your vision is realised.

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School Marketing Made Simple

Our School Marketing Services won’t make your head spin. We’ll engage on the simple things so as to inspire your school leadership team to determine the things that will matter the most to your school. We're not your typical school marketing agency, we've worked with schools around Australia to enhance their brand identity, helping them stand out from the crowd.

  • Consult

    We’ll get in touch with your school and walk you through all the ways in which you can stay connected with your key markets and stakeholders through a comprehensive education marketing strategy.

  • Workshop your vision

    Collaborate with us to determine new projections and plans for your school's overall strategic plan.

  • Logo brand and design

    We’ll gather and collect all the aspects of your brand that makes you unique, then imagine it in a way that inspires.

  • Photography

    We’re equipped to take care of all your photography and videography needs. We shoot high quality imagery that is suitable across all digital mediums

  • Deliver

    Committed to the project, Print Design will deliver and exceed your expectations.

Marketing Services

  • Enrolment Assistance
  • Positive Identity Programs
  • Brand Refinement
  • Internal Use Documents
  • Community Engagement
  • Market Research