School yearbooks & publications

School yearbooks, magazines and other publications

School yearbooks are something we all remember, and probably find stacked together in our homes if we went looking hard enough. The school yearbook is that one publication we all keep because we know its contents will be priceless to reflect upon in years to come. Print Design Australia offers school yearbook printing and design, but out service extends to universities and other education providers also.

As well as school yearbooks, Print Design Australia can also design and print school magazines, school information books and handbooks, or books for special occasions, such as school history books. We also do magazines and other publications for commercial clients.

Print Design Australia is also proud to operate as an environmentally friendly printing company. We’ve adopted a range of sustainable printing measures to ensure we’re minimising our environmental impact.

Get in touch with our friendly team if you need printing for school yearbooks, school magazines or other publications, or take a look below at examples of school publications we have designed and printed.