Graphic design for schools sets the brand

Importance of graphic design for schools

Schools have a tough gig these days convincing parents to want to send their kids through their gates to get an education. That’s because there’s more to it than just the quality of education on offer. Schools also have to sell their brand, making themselves reputable and identifiable to the public.

This makes graphic design for schools so important. Why? Because choosing the right brand is about choosing the right design, colours, logo etc and spreading it throughout everything the school does.

First impressions count with branding

Making a good first impression is important when dealing with prospective parents and children, and the wider community. A school’s brand is crucial to this as it creates your identifiable feature, the way that people will recognise your school. The first step is getting the school logo design and branding right, as this filters through everything else within your school. Then, one of the most important tools for lasting first impressions is to create a good school website. This is usually the first place a prospective parent, student or community member will go for information about your school.

Consistency is the key

Once the school logo and branding is sorted, this needs to feature across all educational printing materials with a message consistent with your website. This means all promotional materials, such as the school prospectusschool brochures or school presentation folders & report covers, will have the same branding and convey information that’s in keeping your school’s values. And the same goes for other items, such as  school yearbooks, school banners & flags, and school stationery.


Ultimately, a school’s brand plays crucial part in a school’s success, so it’s worth considering this for all school printing and online resources. Print Design Australia is a company that takes care of all education printing services under the one roof, even arranging photography for schools if needed. Our team are specialists in graphic design for schools and can help determine your schools branding and direction so you can proceed with printing other school products.