A commitment to continued community involvement through print services.

Oftentimes the best way to help people out is by keeping it simple and doing what you do best. Here at Print Design Australia we’re lucky to be surrounded by people who strive to do well for the community by dedicating their time to a various array of important causes. Through the business and our print services we’re able to facilitate the advice and production of any print collateral and stationary that various community organisations require to spread their message and achieve their goals.

This months community spotlight is on the wonderful River’s Gift organisation who has made the monumental pledge to Stamp Out SIDS (SOS). Following the passing of their son River at just 128 days old, Karl and Alexandra have worked tirelessly to confront that which took their child away. With well over half a million dollars raised so far the River’s Gift organisation has made an incredible impact on the amount of funding resources available for SIDS research in Australia and abroad. Successes such as raising the funds necessary for two Australian PhD students to travel to the US to work closely with world renowned researchers marks just one of the many things that River’s Gift have managed to achieve. They’re not showing any signs of slowing down either, with Karl making the brave commitment to pursue River’s Gift as a full time endeavour.

We would like to thank Karl Waddell for approaching us to be involved in helping his organisation in the best way we know how. The issue hits close to home at Print Design as many of the staff have young children of their own and the work of River’s Gift is greatly appreciated.

To get involved with River’s Gift or to find more information about the organisation head to www.riversgift.com