Brand Image Basics – The Humble School Logo.

June 20, 2017

Logo design. High quality, impactful logos that create the perfect image for your school. It’s something we love doing, letting the creative juices flow to re-imagine a school’s first point of brand impression, the humble school logo!

The importance of a school logo stems from the immediate brand recognition that characterises your organisation. First impressions count! It’s repeated ad nauseam but there’s a clear reason for that. The flow on effect from a strong and impactful brand creates clear brand recognition among your potential customers and allows for the creation of a process called brand recall. Brand recall allows for potential customers to recall your brand and its meaning based on their initial perceptions of your brand.

Now a lot of this theory is based on retail trends and analysis, but that doesn’t mean the same theories can’t be applied to schools as a means to improve their branding strategy.

Logos aren’t just for the name and brand of a school, they can be created for multiple uses for the various sub brands that operate within your organisation. House logos, Centenary or commemorative logos and school initiative logos are just a few examples of this. You’ll see below some images showing different applications and themes for logo designs offered to our clients.

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